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New Independence for California Midwives

New Independence for California Midwives

By Lisa Renner

California licensed midwives will have increased independence and authority in attending births, potentially giving more pregnant women access to their services under a new law that goes into effect in January.

Assembly Bill 1308 removes an unworkable clause that required all licensed midwives to be supervised by a physician.

CoveredCa enrollment pace quickens

California’s new health insurance exchange appears to be gaining momentum with consumers. Officials announced Thursday that 109,000 people had completed the application process and picked a private insurance plan through in October and November. About twice as many people completed the process in November as had in October, and the numbers for the first week of December were even higher.

CoveredCa enrolls 31,000 in first month

California’s new online insurance marketplace signed up 31,000 customers in the first month it was open for business and another 18,000 in the first two weeks of November, officials said Wednesday.

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Straightening Out the Knot: The Cancer Resource Center of the Desert

Straightening Out the Knot: The Cancer Resource Center of the Desert

By Robert Fulton

Adrian Tapia and his wife Ana faced more than fear after Adrian was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2013. Between the doctor visits, the scans, surgery and rehabilitation, paperwork had to be filled out. Treatments required a two-hour-plus drive each way back and forth from the Imperial Valley to San Diego.

Hurdles Remain to Signing Up More Latinos for Health Coverage

Hurdles Remain to Signing Up More Latinos for Health Coverage

By Fran Kritz

As a college-prep consultant, Marina Grijalva heard about the Affordable Care Act and how it would enable her to sign up for health insurance. But the enrollment campaigns — which the state poured tens of millions of dollars into — didn’t reach her sister or many other Latinos.

Santa Barbara Joins Forces to Train Dementia Caregivers

Santa Barbara Joins Forces to Train Dementia Caregivers

By Matt Perry

With rates of dementia expected to reach epidemic proportions as an aging American populous lives longer, a Southern California city has formed an impressive coalition of business leaders, educators, foundations and long-term care settings to help train the next generation of caregivers.

Fields of Fear

Fields of Fear

By Lily Dayton

When Maricruz Ladino started a job at a Salinas lettuce packing plant in 2005, her supervisor began making sexual advances, insinuating that if she didn’t succumb to his sexual demands he would fire her. Then, one day the supervisor drove her to an isolated field—supposedly to inspect the crops. Instead, Ladino says, he raped her.

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California Focus: Daniel Weintraub

Diabetics account for nearly 1/3 of hospital stays

We’ve long known that diabetes and its related illnesses cause havoc in people’s lives and drive up health care costs, but a new study from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research has quantified the damage done with a sobering new statistic: nearly one-third of hospital stays by Californians age 35 and older involve a person who has been diagnosed with diabetes.

The ACA and women’s health

The ACA and women’s health

The Affordable Care Act has several provisions aimed at improving women’s health. In this infographic, the Journal of the American Medical Association lays out some of the issues women face and how the ACA might help. Click on the thumbnail to see the full graphic.

How wealth drives health — and what we can do about it

By Daniel Weintraub

California is a land of health extremes, and to see what that means, you need only travel a few miles from the state Capitol.

Placer and Yuba counties border each other about a half hour’s drive north of downtown Sacramento. Both places are largely rural. But the similarities end there.

California Voices

Prevention-Based Policy Solutions for Ending California’s Diabetes Epidemic

By Ian McLaughlin

Nationwide, type 2 diabetes affects more than 20.9 million children and adults. California has not been immune; in fact, diabetes diagnoses in the state have increased by 35 percent over the past decade, becoming an unfortunate part of life for many of California’s citizens.