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New Independence for California Midwives

New Independence for California Midwives

By Lisa Renner

California licensed midwives will have increased independence and authority in attending births, potentially giving more pregnant women access to their services under a new law that goes into effect in January.

Assembly Bill 1308 removes an unworkable clause that required all licensed midwives to be supervised by a physician.

CoveredCa enrollment pace quickens

California’s new health insurance exchange appears to be gaining momentum with consumers. Officials announced Thursday that 109,000 people had completed the application process and picked a private insurance plan through in October and November. About twice as many people completed the process in November as had in October, and the numbers for the first week of December were even higher.

CoveredCa enrolls 31,000 in first month

California’s new online insurance marketplace signed up 31,000 customers in the first month it was open for business and another 18,000 in the first two weeks of November, officials said Wednesday.

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In Counties Where Teen Pregnancy is High, a Sex Ed Program Offers Promise

In Counties Where Teen Pregnancy is High, a Sex Ed Program Offers Promise

By Lisa Renner

The teen boys in the San Joaquin County Juvenile Detention Center had a lot of questions for the two sex education instructors who paid them a visit.

Among them: Where are free local clinics that provide testing for sexually transmitted diseases? Is there a cure for AIDS? Can you use ear wax to find out if your partner has an STD?

A Golden Idea for Senior Women Living Together

A Golden Idea for Senior Women Living Together

By Matt Perry

When Bea Arthur and her merry band of aging pranksters graced the airwaves with their “Golden Girls” sitcom a quarter century ago, they paved the way for shared senior housing that’s both fun and affordable.

And like the world-famous Red Hat Society which celebrates aging gracefully and vibrantly, expect the Golden Girls Network shared housing movement to grow rapidly in California.

California Skimps on Diabetes Prevention

California Skimps on Diabetes Prevention

By Robin Urevich

Diabetes afflicts one in 12 Californians. It causes early death and disability for millions and costs the state $27.6 billion annually in health care and related expenses.

In 20 years, diabetes rates are expected to double in the United States.

But the disease doesn’t have to wreak that kind of havoc.

Cancer-Screening Program For Women Attempts to Fill Gaps Left by Health Reform

Cancer-Screening Program For Women Attempts to Fill Gaps Left by Health Reform

By Claudia Boyd-Barrett

Dr. Milcah Larks is all too familiar with the cost of delaying preventative cancer screenings for women.

As an oncologist in the Immunology Clinic at Ventura County Medical Center, a hospital in Ventura focused on underserved populations, she prescribes treatment for patients with breast and cervical cancer. Often, patients come to her at late stages of the disease, requiring drastic interventions such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

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California Focus: Daniel Weintraub

Why reducing poverty — and stress — might be the key to better health

By Daniel Weintraub

Look at the health data for just about any collection of neighborhoods in California and one thing will soon become clear: Poor people are sicker and, on average, die younger than people with higher incomes.

The medical profession, social workers and health researchers have known this for a long time.

Diabetics account for nearly 1/3 of hospital stays

We’ve long known that diabetes and its related illnesses cause havoc in people’s lives and drive up health care costs, but a new study from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research has quantified the damage done with a sobering new statistic: nearly one-third of hospital stays by Californians age 35 and older involve a person who has been diagnosed with diabetes.

The ACA and women’s health

The ACA and women’s health

The Affordable Care Act has several provisions aimed at improving women’s health. In this infographic, the Journal of the American Medical Association lays out some of the issues women face and how the ACA might help. Click on the thumbnail to see the full graphic.

California Voices

Prevention-Based Policy Solutions for Ending California’s Diabetes Epidemic

By Ian McLaughlin

Nationwide, type 2 diabetes affects more than 20.9 million children and adults. California has not been immune; in fact, diabetes diagnoses in the state have increased by 35 percent over the past decade, becoming an unfortunate part of life for many of California’s citizens.