Poll: Half of Californians support federal health reform

March 25, 2010

Half of California adults support the federal health reform proposals passed by Congress this week, according to a new independent poll that was taken just before the vote and released today.

The survey by the Public Policy Institute of California found that the federal measure to expand coverage and more strictly regulate the insurance industry was supported by 50 percent of adults and opposed by 39 percent. But among likely voters, the proposal was opposed by a narrow margin, 47 percent to 45 percent.

Opinion was divided along partisan lines, with 70 percent of Democrats supporting the plan and 76 percent of Republicans opposed. About half of independent voters said they liked the proposal.

Support for the plan declines as education, income and age increase, according to the poll. Just 39 percent of people age 65 and over like the plan.

The central feature of the proposal is more popular than the entire package. Nearly 70 percent of adults and 61 percent of likely voters said they support requiring all Americans to have insurance, with the government providing financial help for those who can’t afford it. This concept had the backing of 86 percent of Democrats, 64 percent of independents and 38 percent of Republicans.

For the full survey, click here.

–Daniel Weintraub

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