Nearly 6 million Californians lack access to jobs-based health coverage

November 30, 2010

Living in a household with someone who has a job is no guarantee that a Californian will have access to job-based health insurance, according to a report from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.

About 20 percent of Californians under age 65 who live with at least one person who is employed did not have access to job-based health insurance in 2007, the UCLA policy brief said. That’s 5.7 million people.

And adults who lacked access to job-based coverage generally found it difficult to obtain health insurance at all. Only one-third had done so, through Medi-Cal, private insurance or a parent’s health insurance plan.

Children do better, thanks to public programs that subsidize their coverage. Nearly 60 percent found coverage through Medi-cal or the Healthy Families program and 7.5 percent had private insurance.

See the full policy brief here.

–Daniel Weintraub

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