Health reform to largely benefit working age, single males

May 10, 2011

UCLA’s Center for Healthy Policy Studies has published two new briefs looking at who in California would get new coverage when the federal health reform law rolls out in 2014.

The briefs say that 4.6 million California residents would be eligible to get coverage either through the new Health Benefit Exchange or the planned expansion of the Medi-Cal program.

And here is an interesting wrinkle: those people are, on average, younger and more male than the population of the state overall. They are also healthier. So while it will cost more to insure them than not, the costs will probably be less than providing coverage for a cross-section of the state’s population. And those paying into the system through the health exchange will likely strengthen the risk pool because they include a lower than average number of people with chronic illness.

See the brief on the Health Benefit Exchange here and the brief on the Medi-Cal expansion here.

–Daniel Weintraub

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