Brown backs away from Prop. 10 shift

May 16, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown has set aside, for now, his plan to shift more than $1 billion to the Medi-Cal program from a special fund for children’s services.

Brown, as part of his revised budget Monday, said he still wants to use the money, which comes from a tobacco tax known as Proposition 10. The measure created a state commission and commissions in each county to expand services for children from birth to age five.

But with program advocates suing the state to block the shift, Brown said Monday he can’t count on the money being available. And so he plans to use some of about $6.6 billion in previously unanticipated tax collections to replace the money in the state’s general fund.

Brown said he will still push for the shift even though he is not counting on getting the money in the coming year.

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