A plea for change

February 17, 2010

Wesley Sims is 18, a high senior in Oakland and a student rep on the school board. At a recent board meeting Sims unloaded with an extraordinary dressing down of the district and the board for the shoddy education that he and other students are getting. Sims has a 4.4 grade point average, he says, but when he took the SAT, he recognized only about a quarter of the topics in the questions on the test. Many of his classes, he says, are a waste of time, and too many are led by long-term substitutes who struggle so hard to maintain order that they don’t do much teaching at all. If you have a few minutes, you should watch this Oakland Tribune video of Sims’ impassioned plea for the adults in his community to stop fighting among themselves and start fixing the education for a lost generation of kids.

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