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Adult day health care still endangered, despite new funding

July 11, 2011

By Jennifer Chaussee

Money set aside in California’s newly approved budget for the Adult Day Health Care program provides little to no assurance that the program will continue to exist.

The existing program will still be eliminated later this summer, and a new program that is supposed to replace it faces an uncertain fate.

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Childless adults to get new health coverage

June 30, 2011

By Daniel Weintraub

In an early and major step toward implementing the federal health reform bill, about half a million low-income Californians will soon be eligible for benefits that are expected to address their health problems before they reach an emergency room.

Single childless adults with incomes up to about $14,500, who up until now have depended largely on emergency rooms for their care, will be moved into the health care system with a basic package of benefits paid for with an increase in federal funding.

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New program for seniors in limbo

June 29, 2011

Mariv Tesoro is trying to stay positive. Working as a registered nurse and program director for an Adult Day Health Care Center in Downey, where families bring their elderly relatives for health care and social activities during the workday, Tesoro works to help her patients as they face their inevitable mortality. Working with the sick and the dying, positive thoughts can be hard to come by.

“It’s very fulfilling…you just have to try and hope you don’t go down with them, emotionally,” said Tesoro.

But while people like Tesoro are able to control their attitudes and emotions, they have less control over the daunting fate of their industry at large. California’s budget chasm has already forced legislators to cut the Adult Day Health Care program’s entire working budget and now even a last ditch effort to reinstate a new ADHC program looks as though it may get the cut as it sits on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk unsigned.

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New budget, same old problem

June 28, 2011

The state budget Democratic lawmakers presented Tuesday relies largely on a newly optimistic revenue projection that assumes California’s economy will return to health with gusto in the coming months. That’s a big assumption, and if it doesn’t pan out, up to $2.6 billion in spending cuts will be automatically triggered early next year. But even if the tax revenue grows as much as the Democrats hope or the spending cuts are implemented, the state will almost certainly face a multi-billion shortfall a year from now.

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Democrats unveil new budget plan

June 27, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic leaders in the Legislature have reached agreement on a budget for the fiscal year that begins Friday. After failing to agree with Republicans on a plan to ask voters to extend temporary taxes that expire this week, Democrats decided to raise revenue projections for the coming year, based in part on tax collections that have exceeded expectations since January.

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March budget cuts rolling out now

June 23, 2011

Millions of Californians will see smaller aid checks, fewer services and higher costs as painful budget cuts ripple across every corner of the state in the coming weeks.

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State controller cuts off legislators’ pay

June 21, 2011

State Controller John Chiang says he is cutting off pay for state legislators because the budget they passed last week was not balanced.

Chiang said in a statement that the budget as written would have spent $1.85 billion more than it took in from taxes and fees.

“My office’s careful review of the recently-passed budget found components that were miscalculated, miscounted or unfinished,” said Chiang.

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Brown’s big budget bet

June 16, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown’s veto of the new state budget Democrats passed this week represents a gamble that California’ deadlocked Legislature can find its way to a bipartisan solution that has evaded it all year.

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Health center closures could leave thousands without options

June 13, 2011

As the state plans to shut down a program that provides community-based health services to 35,000 seniors and people with disabilities, critics say the move will force many of those people into nursing homes, which will give them a less rewarding life while costing the state and the taxpayers more. The cut will also be a major blow to the centers themselves, and their workforce. See the complete story by clicking on the link below.

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Lawsuit filed to block budget cut

June 10, 2011

Defenders of a program that provides health care to keep low-income people with disabilities from being hospitalized or placed in nursing homes sued today to block the state from eliminating the program. The Adult Day Health Care program serves 35,000 people, including many older adults. It is a benefit provided through Medi-Cal, the subsidized health program financed by a combination of state and federal money. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit, known as Darling et al v. Douglas, contend that the planned, Sept. 1 elimination of the program would put tens of thousands of people at risk of institutionalization, hospitalization, injury or death.

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