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Health Access/ Health reform

Click on the links below to see all of HealthyCal.org’s recent stories on the health care safety net and the implementation of health reform in California.


Mixed-Status Families Fear Sign-Up Process for Health Coverage Nov. 3 2014

Naturopathic Doctors Fighting for Inclusion Under Health Reform Insurance Policies Nov. 3 2014

Native American Tribes Have the Right, but Not the Resources, to Prosecute Abusers Oct. 22 2014

State Refuses to Identify Hospitals it Says Have Harmed Patients Oct. 15 2014

Spike in ER usage from newly insured declines over time, study says Oct. 15 2014

Tulare County Fights Domestic Violence on a New Front Oct. 15 2014

Why reducing poverty — and stress — might be the key to better health Oct. 13 2014

Interview with Health and Human Services Secretary Diana Dooley (video) Oct. 6 2014

Expanded Covered California Dental Coverage Could Pose Access Problems Oct. 2 2014

Cancer-Screening Program For Women Attempts to Fill Gaps Left by Health Reform Sept. 25 2014

Despite progress, 250,000 Medi-Cal applicants still wait for coverage Sept. 23 2014

Most Employers, Like NFL, Don’t Have Policies for Responding to Domestic Violence Sept. 18 2014

Jenesse Center Offers Shelter from the Storm Sept. 8 2014

Sexual Violence Prevention Team Trains Agricultural Workers Sept. 5 2014

Reading Your Doctor’s Notes Sept. 4 2014

Online Access to Doctors Encourages Patients to Seek Care Sept. 3 2014

Easy Online Access Changes Doctor-Patient Relationships Sept. 2 2014

Proposition 45 would allow state to regulate insurance rates August 27 2014

Medi-Cal Complaint Office Hasn’t Produced Quarterly Report in Nearly a Year, Despite Huge Increase in Cases August 26 2014

Homeless veterans clinic reduces ER visits by treating the whole person (video) August 25 2014

Hurdles Remain to Signing Up More Latinos for Health Coverage August 20 2014

Fields of Fear August 15 2014

Peer Respites for Mental Health Consumers Prevent Hospitalizations August 12 2014

Legislative Committee Orders Audit of Medi-Cal Directories After Reports of Inaccuracies August 14 2014

UCSF Team Works to Meet Physical Care Needs of Mental Health Patients August 8 2014

Many Young Men Now Have Insurance, But Will They See a Doctor?
August 4 2014

A Nurse, a Friend and a Parenting Teacher: Home-Visit Program Helps Low-Income Mothers
July 25

State Agency Running Medi-Cal Didn’t Know How Many Docs Took its Insurance
July 17 2014

Denti-Cal Patients Feel the Pain as Rates Shrink July 16 2014

Health Centers Try To Expand Without Losing Roots July 3 2014

Insurance Could Help Former Inmates, But State and County Problems Have Slowed Enrollment July 3 2014

Directories of Doctors Who Treat the Poor Are Inaccurate, Hurting Access 6/29/2014

Despite Need, Indigenous Farmworkers Have Little Access to Mental Health Services in California
June 15 2014

How the ACA is Changing Lives June 11 2014

Sacramento heroin addiction on the rise, Affordable Care Act opens doors for recovery
June 1 2014

Rehab Specialists Struggle to Navigate Health Reform, New State Certification Process
June 1 2014

Community Clinics Under Pressure to Keep Patients
May 20, 2014

New Medi-Cal Renewal Process Could Lead to Loss of Coverage, Advocates Say
May 16, 2014

Medi-Cal to cover nearly one-third of Californians May 13 2014

New Health Program for Poor Residents With Disabilities and the Elderly Could Hurt Access, Advocates Say May 8 2014

Sexual Assault Response Teams Collect Evidence with Care May 7 2014

Are Electronic Health Records Safe from the Next Heartbleed? May 6 2014

State Officials Prioritized Insurance Exchange Over Enrollment System for the Poor May 4 2014

Proposed Legislation Aims to Protect Victims of Sexual Assault May 1 2014

A Clinic Serving All, Inspired By Islam April 30 2014

Working with Men to Stop Domestic Violence at its Source April 29 2014

ACA Offers Critical Support for Foster Kids
April 28 2014

A Mobile Medical Home: Vans Bring the Clinic to Patients April 24 2014

Barriers to Mental Health Treatment Remain Under Obamacare
April 23 2014

Some Still Struggling to Afford Affordable Care April 23 2014

Military Sexual Trauma, PTSD and Domestic Violence Often Begin Before Service April 17 2014

Clinics Wait For More Patients in Obamacare Wake April 14 2014

The Waiting Room: L.A. County’s Medi-Cal Backlog April 9 2014

Future Uncertain for California’s Uninsured Kids April 2 2014

Charitable Program Helps to Fill the Dental Care Gap
April 1 2014

Medi-Cal Doctors Have Yet to See Pay Boost Required by Obamacare March 31 2014

Insurers continue to charge patients after out-of-pocket maximums reached, advocates say March 27 2014

Virtual Dentistry Could Bring Better Care to Underserved March 27 2014

Medicare Extends Mental Health Benefits; Patients Find Doctor Shortage March 26 2014

Teen Dating Violence Common for both Boys and Girls March 25 2014

Homeless Are Hesitant to Use Medi-Cal March 19 2014

Californians Turn to Crowdfunding To Pay Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses March 18 2014

More than 3 million Californians get coverage through ACA
March 13 2014

Newly eligible stuck in Medi-Cal backlog in Sonoma County March 10 2014

Medi-Cal patients face hurdles to specialists in northern California March 9 2014

The faces of Obamacare in Humboldt County March 6 2014

Women’s Health Program Still Needs Help Post-ACA March 6 2014

As Doctors Struggle with New Electronic Record Systems, Care Can Suffer
March 5 2014

Covering Cambodia Town March 4 2014

Does Health Insurance Equal Health Care? 2/28/2014

New Report Details How the ACA is Faring in California 2/28/2014

Falling Through the Cracks: Thousands of Low-income Residents May Have Lost Health Coverage 2/27/2014

Latino participation in Covered California lags; Monterey region agencies boost outreach 2/24/2014 This story also appeared in the Monterey County Weekly

Taking Guns From Perpetrators of Domestic Violence an Ongoing Challenge

Alameda County blazes trail for Obamacare
2/17/2014 This story also appeared in the East Bay Express

Policy Aims to Address, Prevent, Domestic Violence by Law Enforcement 2/13/2014

Rocky Rollout for ACA in Northern California, but it’s Working 2/11/2014 This story also appeared in the Chico News and Review

Sacramentans flock to sign up for the Affordable Care Act, but Latinos are slow to enroll 2/9/2014. This story also appered in the Sacramento News and Review

New Apps Aim to Help Victims of Domestic Violence 2/6/2014

New Protections in the Affordable Care Act are a Breakthrough for Trans People 1/29/2014

Dying for Answers: Del Norte County has Worst Domestic-Violence Rate in CA 1/28/2014

1.7 million enroll in health plans, Medi-Cal under ACA 1/21/2014

Respect for Patients Drives Lyon Martin Clinic 1/14/2014

For Homeless Women, Health Insurance Not Enough 1/9/2014

Report: Many Uninsured African-Americans May be Eligible for Health Insurance Financial Assistance 12/23/2013

Town Hall Audience Learns About ACA Options 12/20/2013

Six Million Legal Immigrants May Get Health Coverage under the Affordable Care Act 12/19/2013

Holiday Shoppers Find Insurance Help at the Mall

Obamacare and Me, California-style 12/16/2013

Women Veterans: The Difference an X Makes 12/11/2013

Poll: Californians eager to enroll under ACA 12/4/2013

Knocking on Doors for Obamacare

CoveredCa a model — and a warning 11/25/2013 A version of this article was also published in the Orange County Register

College Students Coaxed Towards Health Insurance 11/19/2013

Surgeons Underestimate Domestic Violence-Related Injuries 11/19/2013

Covered California Warns Consumers about Fraud 11/15/2013

Practices Serving Low-Income Areas Left Out of Reform 11/14/2013

Making sure disadvantaged kids don’t get lost in the reform shuffle 11/10/2013

Doctors to Check for Domestic Abuse During Regular Exams 11/6/2013

Covered California Turns to Facebook to Reach the Masses

Ending Domestic Violence is a Group Effort

Covered California in Translation 10/29/2013

After the ACA: addressing health before health care 10/28/2013

Community Members Mobilize for Volunteer ACA Outreach

Cuts to Medi-Cal Threaten Access to Care 10/23/2013

ACA excludes more than a million California residents

Understanding Culture is Key to Ending Violence 10/17/2013

Mobile Health Clinics Hopeful About ACA 10/15/2013

Sequester, Shutdown Imperil Domestic Violence Services in Rural Areas 10/14/2013

Small business owners ponder ACA’s benefits, burdens 10/14/2013

Too afraid to call 911? 10/10/2013

ACA brings new business to clinics, but also new competition 10/7/2013

Dialing In to Health Insurance 10/7/2013

Alzheimer’s Advocates Look to ACA for Better Coverage 10/7/2013

Nurse Practitioners Seek Independence Amid Growing Need for Primary Care 10/03/2013

Domestic violence rates up in Ventura County, despite statewide decline 10/02/2013

ACA promises insurance, but can it promise care? 9/29/2013

Agriculture businesses struggle to comply with Affordable Care Act 9/26/2013

Older adults might be biggest winners from ACA 9/23/2013

Prompted by Reform Incentives, Hospitals Aim for Customer Satisfaction 9/20/2013

County Health Departments Brace for Cuts 9/19/2013

‘ObamaCare 101′ sessions in L.A. County designed to educate, inform 9/17/2013

A culture of coverage 9/15/2013

Adapting to electronic health records, but not without challenges 9/11/2013

ACA Brings Big Changes for Addiction Treatment 9/10/2013

Oct. 1 is only the beginning for health insurance exchange 9/9/2013

L.A. clinic expands services with ACA funding 9/5/2013

Promotoras bridge clinics and community 9/4/2013

ACA brings opportunities, challenges to clinic serving the poor 9/3/2013

Changing health insurance as we know it 9/2/2013

How ACA outreach will work in one community 8/29/2013

The Paramedic Will See You Now 8/28/2013

LA Organizes Unprecedented Enrollment Campaign 8/28/2013

How the ACA’s Medi-Cal expansion will work 8/26/2013

Much of ACA already in place 8/19/2013

The Affordable Care Act: A User’s Guide 8/07/2013

State Legislature tries to protect domestic violence victims from cyber abuse 7/30/2013

How much demand for health care will ACA generate? 7/18/2013

For veterans in San Joaquin Valley, a new kind of clinic 7/17/2013

California law helps undocumented immigrants get health care 7/15/2013

Trapped in a military marriage 7/11/2013

Obamacare rolls out under the radar in San Francisco 7/3/2013

Covering the uninsured left behind by ACA 6/26/2013

Counties help build bridge to Obamacare 6/24/2013

Clinics unite to better serve low-income patients 6/20/2013

Acupuncturists expect surge in patients under Obamacare 6/18/2013

Latin American doctors fill US physician shortage 6/11/2013

New insurance market taking shape 6/2/2013

Young women in pot industry face exploitation. 5/29/2013

Clergy campaign for indigent care. 5/23/2013

Covered California rolls out health plan choices, rates
. 5/23/2013

Counties still not prepared to offer expanded mental health care
. 5/16/2013

Brown endorses state-run Medi-Cal expansion. 5/14/2013

A dangerous complication: Domestic violence in pregnancy. 5/14/2013

What does Obamacare mean for young people?

New VAWA provides unprecedented protection for Native American women. 5/2/2013

Benefits in federal health reform may not entice small businesses. 4/25/2013

In rural California, physician shortages expected to increase
. 4/23/2013

The Limits of Obamacare. 4/19/2013

Incentives paying off for non-profit practices. 4/18/2013

Faith-based organizations help step up ACA enrollment efforts. 4/17/2013

Federal health reform involves a series of trade-offs. 4/7/2013

Monterey County expands low-income health plan cautiously. 4/2/2013

Feminist clinic fights to be included in health care reform
. March 26 2013

On the bumpy road to reform, one free clinic is no longer free.

Spreading the Word about California’s Health Care Exchange. 3/14/2013

L.A. Care Health Plan faces challenges of today and planning for ACA. 3/13/2013

Obamacare means more funding for Native American clinics. 3/12/2013

Immigrants Get Stronger Protections Under Renewed VAWA
. 3/8/2013

Legislature passes Medi-Cal expansion bills. 3/7/2013

Graduate medical education opportunities expand in the San Joaquin Valley. 3/6/2013

Months ahead of ACA sign-up, outreach underway. 3/4/2013

After reform, a million more kids will be insured – but will they be able to find a dentist? 2/28/2013

Traveling clinic treats kids who can’t afford dental care. 2/27/2013

LGBT Survivors of intimate violence have fewer shelters and resources. 2/26/2013

Federal pre-existing insurance plan suspends enrollment; California soon to follow

Mobile health at the market. 2/20/2013

Program guides underrepresented students to health professions 2/19/2013.

Covered California unveils benefit plans

Can accountable care organization reign in health care costs
? 2/13/13

Bringing health care to the mentally ill 2/11/13

A primary concern. 2/7/13

Student marries early to gain Obamacare benefit. 2/7/13

Poll: 55 percent support health reform in California. 1/30/13

Medical interpreters plan to help more Californians find a voice
. 1/27/13

Mixed results for hospital pay-for-performance initiatives
. 1/23/13

Using the Affordable Care Act to close the health gap. 1/18/13

A road map to a healthier state. Dec. 19.
Another version of this article was published in the Orange County Register.

One stop for free food and medicine
. Dec. 18.

Program cuts health costs by housing the homeless. Dec. 12

Salinas safety nets catch immigrants dropped by ACA.
Nov. 28.

Finding high risk coverage while waiting for Obamacare. Nov. 19.

Children’s health hangs in the balance. Nov. 12
. Also published in the Orange County Register.

Clinics gear up for race to enroll. Nov. 7

Treating undocumented immigrants after health reform
. Oct. 23

Treating uninsured immigrants after health care reform. Oct. 23

New West County center is future of health care, ACA co-author says
. Oct. 18

Health reform helps LA clinic meet rising demand.
Oct. 11

Massive free clinics attracts 1500 patients
. Oct. 10.

Orange County clinics pilot patient centered care. Oct 3 2012

Affordable Care Act under the microscope
. Sept. 23 2012 (Orange County Register)

A small clinic’s big task. Sept. 18 2012

Community clinics switching to electronic health records. Sept. 17 2012

Nearly one in four California children in poverty, Census Bureau says
. Sept. 12 2012

Information is power when patients make health decisions. Sept. 10 2012

ACA helps LA clinic provide affordable, comprehensive care. Aug. 20 2102

Report: Coachella residents lack insurance. Aug. 16 2012

NPs on the front lines. Aug. 14 2012

Guiding the uninsured to low cost health care
. Aug. 8, 2012.

Insurance may not fix the health care woes of the poor. Aug. 6 2012.

Navigating patients to better health and lower costs
. July 23, 2012.

Accountable care organizations aim to cut costs, improve quality
July 18, 2012

Program trains docs to treat underserved groups. July 11, 2012.

Low income patients want closer connection to health providers. July 9, 2012.

Court ruling opens door to big changes in health care July 1, 2012

Brave new medicine. June 25, 2012.

Millions will remain uninsured after health care reform
. June 20 2012.

Reaching out to the undocumented and uninsured. June 17, 2012.

Residency program grows local docs
. June 11. 2012

Clinics prepare for onslaught of patients. June 6, 2012.

Filling a need for bilingual health care. May 21, 2012.

Brown proposes deeper cuts in safety net. May 14, 2012.

Little clinic, huge heart. May 10, 2012.

Community clinics try to fill gap in dental care. April 30, 2012.

Volunteers make a difference at free clinic. April 4, 2012.

Community clinics ground zero for health care reform. April 2 2012.

Putting healthcare where kids trip over it. April 1 2012

Scribes: Helping overworked primary care physiciansApril 1 2012

Study: Newly insured use ER more
. March 26 2012

Health care access limited in East Valley
. March 25, 2012

Health reform already affecting most Californians, March 23 2012.

Healthcare reform helps Oakland clinic meet huge demand
March 5 2012

Riverside County launches insurance plan for low-income families. Feb. 13 2012.

A push for single payer system even as reforms take effect. Jan. 30 2012.

Patient navigators help smooth way for patients, providersJan. 19 2012

San Diego Clinic Delivers More than Health.Jan. 19, 2012

Healthcare reform may have unintended consequences for HIV/AIDS patients
Jan. 17 2012

Alameda health care agencies pull together to expand access
. Jan. 8 2012

Health care plan for low-income adults includes mental health benefit
. Jan. 8 2012

Program brings mobile clinics to churches. Dec. 21 2011

Keeping primary care afloat in Santa Ana
. Dec. 20 2011

Yuba Clinic a light in dark health picture. Dec. 12 2011

Community clinics, county battle over healthcare reform in Fresno Dec. 8 2011

Small towns, large integration November 20, 2011.

Clinic starts community network for better health
November 9, 2011

The uninsured line up at an LA arena turned hospital. October 26, 2011.

Indian tribes to form consortium for healthcare reform. October 24, 2011.

Counties consider public option as part of healthcare reform. October 10, 2011.

Uninsured in the Central Valley eager for health care reform. September 25, 2011.

Finding healthcare in an alphabet soup of acronyms. September 5, 2011.

Healthcare reform may help homeless get comprehensive care. August 25, 2011.

Low-income Californians fear health reform won’t deliver for them. August 16, 2011.

Low-income health program will insure only a fraction of eligible residents in Monterey County. August 9, 2011.

Immigration status a pre-existing condition under healthcare reform? August 4, 2011.

Bridge to reform has Central Valley counties on uncertain ground. July 20, 2011.

Recent budget crisis has federally funded clinics asking – how much will health care reform help them? July 6, 2011.

Childless adults to get new health coverage. June 30, 2011.

Survey says low-income Californians want more say in health care June 15 2011

Kern County lays groundwork for coming healthcare reform. May 5, 2011.