3 Bad Habits That Are Also Bad For The Environment

4 Mar, 2021 | Cally | No Comments

3 Bad Habits That Are Also Bad For The Environment

Our free time is a period of time we all spend differently. Many people like to cook new recipes in their free time, while people interested in sports often use the Matchbook Sign Up Offer and watch sports games, and many people just hang our with their friends! However, not all people rely on entertainment for their free time activities – some people rely on their bad habits, unfortunately, and they fill up their free time by repeating them. Many people have bad habits that they can get rid of. Even after serious words of caution from the doctor, people seem to continue down the path that will ultimately ruin their health. Most of the time it is under the excuse “It’s my health and I can do with it whatever I want”.

But what happens when these people find out that it isn’t just their own health that is at risk. Recently scientists have claimed that a lot of our bad habits are directly affecting the environment. 

In this article, we will mention these bad habits that are at the same time ruining your health and the planet Earth. 


World Health Organization has recently announced that smoking as well as growing and producing tobacco has a very negative effect on the environment. In order for cigarettes to be manufactured people began destroying forests. Moreover, after finishing a cigarette, every smoker disposes of the butt, which is not biodegradable. 

In case you need more reasons to quit smoking other than your own health, you should also know that the smoke of cigarettes contains pollutants like carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia, nicotine, and nitrous oxides that eventually wind up into the lungs of non-smokers.

So if your excuse for smoking was that you are harming only yourself, you better think twice. If you are not willing to let go of smoking for you do it for the sake of others.

Throwing Away Old Electronic Devices

What happens every time you decide you need a new laptop or a smartphone? Do you put them somewhere safe or do you toss them into the garbage? Think about this the next that when you decide to buy a new electronic device. 

A sad fact is that nearly 70% of our devices are recyclable and that only about 15% actually gets recycled. So what happens to the rest of the electronic waste? Unfortunately, due to our own recklessness, these devices find their way from our garbage into the environment where they are causing the most harm. All of our devices are made of toxic material like lead, mercury, and arsenic, which eventually leak into the water and soil. The polluted water and plants can cause cancer and organ failure. So think about the real price of your new device the next time you are getting one.  

Eating Excessively

Eating too much can cause serious damage to our health. High blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer are only some of the unwanted results of excessive eating. 

Compared to the average size of the plate in restaurants 50 years ago, people today eat over 100% bigger portions. Also, food is being advertised all the time as the main ingredient for happiness. Therefore, many people thought they would be as happy as the people from the commercial if they ate all the time. This resulted in a problem that the modern world is facing called obesity. What is equally bad most of the food that doesn’t get eaten wind up in the trash. 

The food that is left to root in landfills releases methane gas which is 25 more harmful to our planet than carbon dioxide. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that we don’t waste food and promote normal eating habits.