4 Jobs That Are A Risk To Your Health

8 Aug, 2021 | Cally | No Comments

4 Jobs That Are A Risk To Your Health

Some people like doing what they do. These people find enjoyment in almost every task related to their workplace. On the other hand, there are those who don’t really find any satisfaction in their work. For these people, the level of stress is on a higher level and can have serious circumstances on their health. But everyone should take some time off and relax from working too much, regardless of whether they enjoy working or not. There are countless exciting pastime activities, ranging from exercise or going on a road trip, to relaxing at home and betting online with the Mansionbet Promo Code.

However, according to statistics, there are those professions that, no matter if you like them or not, cause a great deal of harm to our health. Let’s take a look at some of the most dangerous jobs that can greatly harm the health of the people who choose them as their profession. 

Administrative Support

Whenever we think of an office professional, we imagine someone with a smart outfit and boring daily tasks. But most people don’t realize that these are the unsung heroes of every major company with an average salary and poor health. 

According to recent statistics from the American Heart Association, more than 80% of office workers are leading unhealthy lives due to the nature of their profession. Most of them don’t have good eating habits and almost any physical activity. For a longer period of time, such behaviour can cause heart diseases, severe spine issues, and more. 

Sales Representative

Working directly with customers can be tiring, but convincing them on a daily level to listen to your advice about a certain product can be lethal. One of the most physically and mentally demanding jobs is one of the sales representatives. Inconsistent pay combined with a competitive working environment and long work hours could over time cause chronic fatigue and stress. 

In addition to the stress on a daily level, sales representatives are more often than not forced to lack all the necessary everyday rituals, like regular meals and sleep, due to their hectic working hours. This can lead to a greater risk of heart disease and stroke. 


This profession by itself is a hazard like any of the professions that serve the purpose of protecting other human lives and helping the ones in need. However, according to a recent study, more firefighters die of heart-attack than on the field.

The reason behind this statistic is the enormous stress that comes with the job. Moreover, in many countries worldwide firefighters are not being regularly motivated to protect their own health, leading to bad eating habits and poor health. According to the American Heart Association, over 90% of firefighters are likely to become obese, or with a high level of cholesterol and high blood pressure. 

Professional Drivers

Being a driver can mean many things. There are different kinds of drivers, from taxi drivers to truck drivers. And even though life on the road can seem fun, it doesn’t go without its risks. Poor salary and high-risk levels have contributed to the fact that the greatest number of smokers comes from this profession. 

Apart from smoking, this profession has a number of other risks that could have an unwanted impact on someone’s health. From minor to more serious traffic accidents, a driver can be seriously injured while on the job. Also. they are more prone to back pain and other more serious spine disorders that are directly related to them sitting all day long.