4 Things Your Children Should Learn To Protect The Environment

28 Jun, 2021 | Cally | No Comments

4 Things Your Children Should Learn To Protect The Environment

Our generation has failed this planet in more ways than one. We have polluted oceans, drained rivers, destroyed forests. And the ones that will see the real consequences of our actions are the children. Most of us wanted to make amends and by doing our best we are slowly making progress to a healthier and less polluted environment. 

However, in order for future generations to realize the importance of their upcoming struggle to save planet Earth, they must learn some basic things first. They will need to understand that their role in Saving the planet is crucial. Also, by learning about these things from an early age, the children will be able to accept this role with more understanding once they reach adulthood.

Treat Animals With Kindness

It is in basic human nature to treat animals with kindness. However, to more you teach your children about it, the more they will learn the importance of every being on the planet. The fact that many different species have gone extinct without us even realizing it, is a direct consequence of what we have been paying attention to and we have let slip. 

The ideal thing to do is to have occasional visits to an organic farm. The children should learn how farm animals live but also to understand the difference between the cruelty of mass production and regular farming. Also, by teaching our children to show respect to animals, they will also show greater respect for humans as well, which is in direct connection to the protection of the planet.

Always Recycle

Whenever your children want to throw something in the garbage, teach them how to properly recycle. Don’t make them do it only once, but every time you get the chance.

If you instil this habit from an early age, soon enough it would be impossible for them to do it otherwise. 

It is said that there is more plastic waste in the oceans than there are underwater creatures. Almost no species has been left untouched by the growing waste problem, and our children should know what kind of world and problems they are facing.

Cycle All The Time

You can have some of the most memorable moments with your children if you teach them how to ride a bike.

And they will also be thrilled if you do it together. Whenever you can choose to go by bike and make your children come with you.

Vehicle emissions are becoming a serious problem and with every, your children should know that every time you decided not to use your car you have helped the planet. 

Reconnect With Nature

If you are living in an urban area, you should make a tradition of going with your children to a local park or the nearest forest over the weekends. Let them see the world that exists beyond the pavement and grey buildings, that humankind is slowly killing by deforestation. Some of these lessons will be easier to teach than others, but it is the reality of the world that will one day be in their hands.