5 Situations In Which People Choose Their Pleasure and Not the Environment

14 Jan, 2021 | Cally | No Comments

5 Situations In Which People Choose Their Pleasure and Not the Environment

In a world where you hear of constant fires during summer, in places which haven’t seen a fire caused by extreme heat in the past 40 years, or of places where rain was common, to now be frequently flooded, something must have been done to the environment.

This is our world, and it is changing, under our influence, not necessarily for the better (particularly for us).

We are often not helping the world become a better place. We frequently put our own personal benefit or pleasure, rather than the environment. But that is too general; not all people turn to pleasure rather than to taking care of the environment around us. With the help of the internet, we have almost all the tools with which we can fight environmental crises – whether it’s by donating to charities or organizations, or by for instance, buying seeds for re-growing previously forested areas that are not desolate. To some people, helping the environment by using technology is entertaining in a similar way as it is to somebody who likes to use Coral Free Bet in their free time!

With that being said, even though we know the world is not black and white, here are a couple of examples of how we negatively affect the environment, disregarding it for our own pleasure.


This is one of the most common ways of polluting the environment. People litter every single day, whether because they are lazy or for some other inexcusable reason. A person would rather throw their waste into the first hole they see, even if that hole is a water drain, which can help immensely in case of a torrential rain (which keep happening in places they previously didn’t, due to climate change), rather than carry their waste to a disposal bin, any disposal bin, not to mention sorting their waste. Littering by itself is creating a lot of problems for the environment, and that is something every single individual can change.

Hunting Endangered Animals

Hunting by itself isn’t really that dangerous for the environment, yet when people’s egos get fired up, they want to do that one thing which will help them feel significant, which often means killing endangered species. It is one thing to hunt common boars which can be found in every forest, but another thing completely to hunt white tigers. Our own personal feelings of inadequacy and pride are frequently bringing endangered animals closer to extinction.

Luxuries Over the Environment

Capitalism and people’s needs for unnecessary items have put multiple parts of the world in danger. Our waters are polluted due to dumping waste and trash into them, our air is polluted due to many factories working overtime to produce everything that we desire but not need and resources, many of them finites, are being depleted, to create the things we crave on a daily basis, whether content or things. All of this is due to our insatiable hunger for technology and exotic products, whether fashion-related or even music-related (guitars are made from wood, remember).

Yoyo Eco-Friendliness

Most people are aware that their behavior isn’t sustainable and that the environment won’t take it for too long. Some people are reminded of this and then they get eco-guilt. To be in the positive, they end up doing something which is friendly for the environment. But then, they feel morally entitled to do something wrong once more, due to their good act. The circle repeats once someone reminds them of their environmentally unfriendly act. This is similar to the yoyo effect of dieting and the problem lies in every person’s psyche and mentality, habits and education and even the ability to empathize, be rational and execute.

Overpopulation – The Right to be a Parent

While everyone can easily become a parent, not everyone can adopt a child. If such strict rules were applied to parents, not everyone would be a parent, and rightfully so. Overpopulation is one of the major reasons as to why the world is being polluted and changed in the wrong direction. Laws and legislations against overpopulation should be made, yet these are likely to be met with various ethical, religious and of course, political obstacles. 

People often put themselves first and the environment second and these are but a few reasons why.