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If you could live anywhere on the planet where would it be? New York? Shanghai? Los Angeles? Now forget about a comfortable life full of opportunities and think of places where you could live a long life full of health. Maybe there’s something about food, or in the air but there are definitely some parts […]

In a world where health is almost always a primary concern, being concerned about the health of animals is normal, to be expected. Some people neglect their pets’ health and in a relatively modern society, they would be reported, and their pets would be taken away from them. They might even get fined. For professional […]

In every article about healthy life that you might stumble upon you will find a statement that claims that there is nothing as important as staying healthy. However, many of us don’t really know what that entails.  For most people staying healthy is the same as stying fit and working out. And no one works […]