Eco-Friendly Search Engines? Yes, They Exist!

20 Apr, 2022 | admin | No Comments

Eco-Friendly Search Engines? Yes, They Exist!

We use the internet almost daily, to find anything, from movies and TV shows, to educational content. Most of the time, we use search engines to do so. There is a plethora of search engines, though a couple of them are among the most popular.

It takes practice and skill to actually use them effectively. Just searching and going for the top results will not get you the best results. Some of the top results are paid for, or optimized to get the most views. The sites with the most views might not be the ones that have the best information.

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Yet, search engines are energy consuming, as is any technology that runs all the time. When technology runs all the time, and has AI backing it, meaning that they cost even more energy.

What if there were eco-friendly search engines? There are, actually and here is more about them.


Search engines spend energy, but what about the revenue that they make? Some use them to better their technology or simply collect money, as capitalism often entices people to do. However, some search engines, like Ecosia, use about 80% of their profit through advertisement to make sure that there are trees planted all over the world.

They estimate that about 45 searches through Ecosia are enough for a single tree to be planted. If you want to contribute to society while using the internet on a daily basis, consider Ecosia as your new search engine. You could also start advertising through their services, because the advertisements are what generate the revenue for trees.


OceanHero is a search engine that works in a similar way to Ecosia, but focuses on a different part of ecology. Oceans suffer the most from pollution, out of possibly any other part of the environment, par the ozone layer. Oceans and seas are polluted by anything from plastic to oil, not to mention nuclear waste.

Many of these things, nothing can be done about, at least without substantial funding and government backing. But what can be prevented is plastic pollution. OceanHero uses their advertising funds to prevent plastic bottles from reaching open water. About every fifth search is enough to prevent a single bottle from reaching the oceans.


Ekoru is also dedicated to cleaning oceans, but using two separate approaches, one which focuses on replanting, and the other on cleaning the ocean from plastic. The first one is called Operation Posidonia, which aims to replant seagrass, which not only helps local fauna, but also helps with oxygen production. Sea plants are typically much faster at producing oxygen and getting rid of carbon dioxide.

The second operation is called The Big Ocean Cleanup and deals with plastic pollution. The search engine runs on hydro electric power.

Green search engines exist and by using them, you can help the environment on a daily basis.