How Does Having A Pet Changes Our Lives For The Better

5 Jul, 2021 | Cally | No Comments

How Does Having A Pet Changes Our Lives For The Better

There are many things we can do to better our lives – we can start going for walks every day, or start using Best online bookmakers UK to get the best betting experience. But what about some more drastic changes? Every pet owner will tell you that after getting a pet their life changes for good. Caring for another living being fills us with joy and pride. To put it simply, this act makes us learn more about ourselves and turns us into a better person.

Besides making us happy all the time, pets also have many health benefits. Here we will discuss some of the advantages of having a pet and why you get one today.

The Many Benefits Of Owning A Pet

While owning a pet might have its obvious perks, most people are unaware of the health benefits that come along. The studies of how pets impact their owners are new and even though we have discovered many new things we have yet many more to learn.  

For example, it has been proven that dogs are able to understand both the words we use and the emotions we are feeling. Therefore, it will act according to what you need and want at that moment.

Both cats and dogs can reduce the level of stress of their owners, but also help them with depression and loneliness. Once they form part of someone’s life they encourage more physical activity resulting in improved cardiovascular health. 

Do Pets Really Improve Health?

As a matter of fact, they do. And the best part, your pet doesn’t have to be a cat or a dog. Studies have shown that people who watch fish in their aquarium instantly become more relaxed and experience lower pulse rates. 

Moreover, people with conditions like high blood pressure are reportedly seeing improvements health-wise after getting a dog. Pet owners are calmer in stressful situations compared to those who don’t have a pet, and they are also less likely to suffer from depression. 

Whenever you play with your furry friend the levels of dopamine and serotonin go up, making you more at peace and relaxed. Also, according to recent statistics pet owners have lower levels of triglyceride as well as cholesterol than those who are not taking care of any animal.

Furthermore, people who are over 65 years old and own a pet go three times less to the doctor’s office than people who don’t have a pet. 

As far as our behavioural patterns are concerned, some studies have also shown that pets have a positive impact on them as well. One of the reasons behind this lies in the core of human nature that craves touch. After an experiment was conducted where long-term prisoners were given pets, the results showed significant changes in behaviour and temper. The prisoners connected with the animals like never before, experiencing unconditional love which changed the way they acted. 

Lifestyle Changes With A Pet

All pets, but mostly dogs require a lot of walking and outdoor activities. So, if someone who used to sit all day long gets a dog, their life will change drastically. 

After getting a pet you might become more extroverted. Being lonely causes people to shut away from others, but with a pet, we learn how to connect with someone.

Also, a pet will make you feel like you are needed and you are more likely to feel a sense of accomplishment on a daily basis. 

And lastly, let’s not forget about the fact that the best way to meet someone new is by accidentally bumping on another pet owner, who will understand your new lifestyle completely.