How to Recognize Depression

31 Jan, 2021 | Cally | No Comments

How to Recognize Depression

Today’s world can leave us numb, motionless and sometimes, depressed. Being in a state of lull or sadness, inertia, is very bad for both the body and the mind. We as humans, tend to move and do things, have multiple activities which bring us pleasure, whether of a job well-done, or consuming tasty food, or even from a hobby or something physical. Depression can cause us to forget the things we love, forget to take care of ourselves and finally, lose the will to live and start craving our own deaths.

Here is how to recognize depression.

Depression Versus Feeling Down

People often mistake depression with feeling a bit down or sad. Nobody is happy all the time nor should they be. It is common for the human body and mind to have a constant period of ups and downs. This isn’t depression. Many people will call their mood feeling depressed while actually what they are feeling is sadness or a period of being somewhat down or in the blues, as they tend to call it. Depression has other symptoms so be on the lookout for these.

Helplessness and Hopelessness

These two often go hand in hand. If you are feeling like you are lost and that nothing and nobody, especially yourself, can change the situation, then things are probably getting dire in your brain. Recognizing this on time means that you can change it before it gets worse.

Self-Loathing and A Short Fuse

If you feel like you are worthless and you cannot do a single thing right, like washing the dishes, for example, then you are most likely depressed. If you are irritable and cannot take a compliment, then things are getting worse, because those feelings will limit your social skills.

Regular Activities No Longer Matter

This is one of the most hurtful signs of depression. We all have things which we do on a daily basis which make us happy or at least, content (which is more important). If you stop caring for your daily hobbies and activities, like hygiene, then things are getting dire.

Depression is a very real medical condition which can be treated, whether by changing your routine or using medicine. It is important to recognize the symptoms early so that you can start working on it soon as possible and with this short guide, you should have the odds on your side. Never hesitate to contact a medical professional should you even think that you have depression.