Obesity – A Moment In The Modern Age

17 Apr, 2021 | Cally | No Comments

Obesity – A Moment In The Modern Age

The modern age has brought us many extraordinary discoveries and advancements. Electricity, cars, computers, the Internet, and many more technological wonders have completely changed the way human beings used to perceive life. While humanity was dazzled with all these technological wonders, it paved its way towards a complete detachment from everything that is truly important.

Nowadays we are met with many people fighting anxiety, depression, and a general lack of self-confidence. This came to be as a direct result of the success-driven world which expects every individual to achieve greatness and disregards things like happiness, affections, and inner peace.

But how is obesity connected to the modern age problem? In this article, we will discuss obesity as a direct reflection of modern society’s many problems.

Is Obesity Really That New?

It would be wrong to assume that obesity had never existed before the modern age. If we look at the paintings of some European rulers we can conclude that obesity was a common thing among the rich and well-situated. 

However, the problem of modern-day obesity is far wider and greater than it ever was before. Firstly, obesity shouldn’t be confused with being overweight. Obesity can cause a number of health issues like heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. It can be a direct cause of a shorter life span and an overall poorer quality of life.

Eating The Pain Away

There can be a number of different causes of obesity, but they are mostly related to excessive calorie intake and a lack of physical activity. But, if we are looking for the culprit behind such behaviour, then the answer is not so simple.

People who suffer from obesity are usually finding comfort in food. Whether they are feeling depressed, lonely, or simply unhappy, they tend to connect the feeling of being full with the feeling of happiness. In some cases, the problem appears in early childhood, while for some it happens during the adulthood phase, after a serious turning point in their lives. Moreover, a great majority of obese people believe that the only true happiness comes from food, thus neglecting everything else, even their own health. 

What Is The Solution?

The best way to help someone is to act before they get to the obese phase. If a person is consuming plenty of food every time he or she is in a bad mood or feeling stressed, it can be one of the signs that they need help. But there are many more indicators like excessive consumption of food and gaining weight rapidly. 

One of the first steps towards recovery is a visit to the doctor’s office in order to get an assessment of the person’s overall health conditions. The next step would be mild physical activity followed by dropping the amount of calorie intake on a daily level.