Why Depression Should Not Be a Taboo!

22 Apr, 2022 | admin | No Comments

Why Depression Should Not Be a Taboo!

We often talk about health-related things when it is already too late. That is a problem, and a huge one at that. People often start dealing with health-related issues when it is already either too late, or far worse than it should have been to begin with.

This is a problem for health issues that are physical, but also the ones that are mental. Mental health issues are typically a taboo in most cultures, which is a huge problem. Mental health disorders and illnesses can lead to a very problematic life or even suicide, if they are not diagnozed and treated on time. 

Depression is one of those disorders that can turn into a huge problem or even death, should it remain untreated or even talked about. Here is why depression should not be a taboo. 

Depression Can Be Worked On

Depression is not the boogeyman of diseases and problems. It is treatable in most cases and it requires either medicine or a combination of medicine to start things off, as well as self-care and practical work on one’s habits, which often helps combat depression symptoms. 

Depending on the type of depression, just working on oneself’s life might be enough, however, if there is literal chemical imbalance in the brain, positive thoughts and healthy habits will not be a solution, rather a patch which will fail in the long run.

While habits help and having an active social life also helps, medical professionals should be seeked if the symptoms persist and are of a more biochemical nature.

It Could Become Much Worse if Untreated

Depression doesn’t have to turn into something dire, like a loss of life, or even physical harm, just because people are afraid to talk about the symptoms. This can be treated, easily even, when one seeks help on time. Even talking with your loved ones, close friends and those who are supportive, can be enough to start making things better, let alone seeking professional help. 

There is no shame in seeking help in any scenario, especially when symptoms of depression start showing up, and even more so when they start getting in the way of any daily function, from hygiene, to healthy eating and exercising.

Taboos Are Problematic

Taboos cause people to purposefully downplay their problems and present them as something mild or inconvenient, to others and even themselves. This might cause an illness like depression to take root without a person even realizing what is happening, just because they were trained by their local society to hide certain things.

Depression is known to cause major problems in one’s everyday life, and particularly in the long run, if it is left untreated. Taboos don’t help with this, at all. They should be dealt with, by educating people on what depression is and what a depressive episode is, alongside many other terms that are misused when it comes to mental disorders and illnesses.

Like most taboos, depression should not be one. It needs to be combatted, through education and empathy, to help people before things become much more difficult to deal with.